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Sukhwani Araya is a project based in Rahatni. The project’s aim is to luxuriously upscale the lifestyle of people around the area. This campaign mainly concentrated on appealing to the desire of middle-class families to live in spacious and luxurious homes and improving their quality of life.

About Rahatni

Rahatni, one of the upcoming neighborhoods in Pune, scaled exponentially after the construction of Rajiv Gandhi Informational Park (Hinjewadi) just 10km from it. Rahatni can be described as an old gem occupying the sweet spot between urbanization and a suburban lifestyle. An upcoming route between Hinjewadi and Shivaji Nagar will also improve Rahatni’s connectivity with other parts of Pune.

About Sukhwani Associates

Trust, Quality, Innovation and Commitment are the four keystones that make up the core of Sukhwani Associates. With every project, we not only invest time and effort to enhance the lifestyle but also to offer something new to the industry.

It’s a balance created with the trust of a legacy of 40+ years, the innovation of the 3rd generation into the business, the quality that’s been consistent, and commitment to completion of every project undertaken well within time.

Campaign and Execution

  • The conceptualization behind the campaigns for Sukhwani Araya was to highlight the project as luxurious and spacious.  This project, with its amenities and high carpet area, was ideal for families that were looking to find the ideal home. Besides branding of the project, we also took advantage of the connectivity that the location had to build the project as ‘THE’ location to be. 
  • After thorough observation and research, we came to the conclusion that only a fresh and dynamic campaign would successfully pique the interests of our target audience.


What helps us in overcoming all our challenges is having a clear vision. It was also essential for our vision to be backed by a tangible set of goals and targets.

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Projects in the nearby vicinity of Araya were priced within 60- 65 Lacs. This attracted people to other properties over Araya when they were coming in for site visits.


The sample flat was not ready until the month of April. To counter this, we designed a coffee table book for potential leads visiting the site.

Target Audience Segmentation

Thorough campaign research also helped in identifying and segmenting our Target audience.

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  • Primary Target Audience- Residents of Rahatani within 20 km of the city
  • Secondary Target Audience- Residents of cities like Kharki, Baner, Ganesh Nagar, Hinjewadi, Balewadi, Wakad, Kasarwadi, Bhosari etc.
  • Age: 35-60
  • Gender: All Genders 
  • Sectors: IT Sector, Sales, Education, Arts, Education, Restaurants, Production, Social Services, Construction, Administrative services, Business and Finance, Healthcare and medical service and government employees – [IBM, Cognizant, Barclays, Infosys Technologies Limited, Tata Consultancy Services, BMW, Accenture, Capgemini]
  • Families with a fixed annual income. 
  • Upper-middle-class families looking for homes that will upscale their quality of life.
  • Small business owners. 
  • Audiences interested in houses, private plots, sales, real estate, residential areas etc.  
  • Families interested in luxury lifestyles and expensive tastes.
  • Families interested in real estate development. 


  • Conceptualizing a name that represents the values of Sukhwani, the promise of Araya while connecting with the target audience. This was done through competitor analysis and understanding the ethos we wanted the name to emulate. To cater to the audience, it was important to appeal to Indian culture while embracing modernity. This was the brand image developed for Araya.
  • We developed documents and an online persona through social media handles and website development that catered to the brand image. We specifically highlighted it as a luxurious project through color theory, design etc.
  • Once the branding was set in stone, Google Search ad and Display ad were strategized and set for lead generation. In search ads, different ad sets were created for geo-targeting areas like Wakad, Pimple Saudagar, Rahatni, Pimpri-Chinchwad and neighborhood areas. 
  • We ran multiple social media campaigns highlighting multiple different specifications. The first campaign primarily focused on their 15+ amenities and targeted families. The second campaign was promoting the homes as A+ Homes while emphasizing a luxurious family home. Based on feedback, available bank offers were also added. The third campaign revolved around two concepts-  #GoBigAndGoHome and  #OneForAll that appealed to people specifically in terms of the carpet area of the homes and community living at Araya. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we ran campaigns targeting women with messages around women empowerment as well. 
  • Additionally, we curated and put in action a digital campaign to strengthen the message and aptly reach our target audience. 
  • Existing clients were approached with our referral benefits. 
  • Our offline marketing efforts included site branding through efforts like designing coffee table books. Additionally, 13 Hoardings were put up and 150,000 flyers were distributed in prominent locations like Rahatni, Thergaon, Wakad, Pimpri and Chinchwad.
  • Additional efforts included setting up 1 gas-balloon at the site office promoting the project in the city.

Growth Marketing

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  • The objective was to target the audience [45k+] living in Rahatni that are interested in real estate investment and development. 
  • The larger goal was to ensure that Sukhwani Araya is promoted as a luxurious, state-of-the-art project.
  • An optimized website was designed to suit the brand image curated for Araya.
  • We also ensured that the location of the site showed up on Google Maps through GMB (Google My Business).
  • To overcome the challenges, we marketed the project as homes with the largest carpet area. 
  • Keywords- We focused on the keywords ‘luxurious’, ‘spacious’ and all other related keywords.
  • Geo-targeted marketing- the optimization of various campaigns, based on geographic locations with a 4-5km radius around Rahatni. 
  • Google Display Keywords based on high-search volume [50+ searches per month] with a focus on investment.
  • Mobile and Region optimized website.
  • All campaigns included CTA’s leading to the website.
  • All ad copies released included the website link.
  • An optimized website was designed to ensure that Rising Solapur comes across as an investment firm.
  • Mobile and Region optimized website. 
  • Clear and easy to follow content and format were employed.
  • A CTA button as well as a form were included within the landing page.
  • We released Lead Generation ads on Facebook and Instagram.  
  • Video Campaigns were put in place to boost the videos and attached a form to increase our leads through a CTA. We employed video campaigns to boost the videos while also attaching a form to catapult our leads via CTA.
  • We launched a Display Campaign on Google Ads with display images. Through this, we aimed to increase website traffic. 
  • Parallel creatives were run, promoting two different ways of branding for A/B Testing and improvised according to the results. For eg., putting in stock images related to investment to grow ad relevance score.
  • We also listed the project under platinum/premium tag on various Property Portals to target people searching for flats within our selected budget range. The targeted audience was those outside social media.
  • Creatives related to social media focused on highlighting the different USPs of the project-amenities, family life and location. 
  • Social media was also used to support the brand image. 
  • Real estate news was also shared in the form of microblogs for higher engagement rates. 
  • Social media was also used to target people following other real estate pages.
  • We ensured lead follow up through email, SMS campaigns, and WhatsApp Marketing.


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