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The Talk Bottom Podcast takes its listeners on a journey through the minds of entrepreneurs who chose to overcome stigmas. We celebrate entrepreneurship as a compilation of diverse experiences. Every individual has unique experiences worth exploring and sharing. The Talk Bottom Podcast is a platform for entrepreneurs to tell the tales of their resounding victories, their struggles, the setbacks and comebacks. Knowledge and wisdom have no beginning and no end. Such profound and powerful resources should be given to every individual seeking them. With this thought as the driving factor, the Talk Bottom Podcast was initiated.

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Mr. Karan Tarale hails from the digital background, commencing his journey in 2017 when he was a student. Gaining mastery over creative digital arts, VFX and animation he set foot into the world of digital marketing. Head of Media Production at Pixellence Web Solutions LLP, Karan quickly learned all the skills necessary to grow in the industry. Within a year he combines his learning and experience and was appointed as the Digital Marketing Manager at Chhoriya Realty. After 2 years of diligent work, he had studied the ins and outs of the Digital Marketing realm. He took a leap of faith, backed by his expertise and experience in Digital performance Marketing Agency designed to help brands achieve their full potential with regards to their clientele and customers. With 2+ years of successfully running the Agency, Founder and CEO, Karan Tarale along with his close friend and associate Mr. Vaibhav Somani are working with National brands, real estate giants, professional sporting teams and much more.
Mr. Karan Tarale

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