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Ask and you shall receive!

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Remember the unmissable “Subscribe” or “Know more” at the end of digital content and ads? That is exactly what a CTA is; a clear call to your consumers conveying what exactly you want them to do after seeing the ad. The Call-to-action is generally linked directly to the purchase or subscription interfaces to make it easier for potential customers to interact with them and take action.

Are CTAs that important? 

CTAs are way more important than they look at first glance. You may think to yourself, “Oh, do they even work?” The fact is, a well-crafted, strategically placed CTA can boost conversion rates manifold.  Here are why: 

Eliminates the ‘decision paralysis’

The simpler, clearer and more directive your call to action advertising is, the more it will help people be clear about their own needs and requirements. As it reminds them of why they are on the site, a CTA makes the decision-making process faster and easier. 

Directs the audience 

A clear call-to-action acts as a subtle push that directs the consumers through their journey. Such subtle nudges help the audience stay focused and eliminate any chances of overwhelm or anxiety. 

People actually want them

With the ease and experience that CTAs offer to potential customers, most people actually prefer them! Rather than having to open a new page or look around, a cleanly placed CTA helps them reach their destination instantaneously. 

Types of CTAs 

CTAs come in several avatars and thus can be used with appropriate content accordingly. Here are some of the most common call-to-action examples: 


Used to encourage the audience to subscribe to newsletters, emailers, and YouTube channels, this CTA helps people consent to receive your content. 

Sign Up 

Promoting an event, course, or anything that requires your audience to register with you? Add a ‘Sign Up’ CTA and link it to the registration form so people can easily access it! 

Learn More 

Complex products or services with higher price tags are compatible with this CTA. The sales funnel for such services is longer as people need some time and more detailed information to make a purchase. A ‘Learn More’ button can give the audience a scope to understand the service better and think about it before purchasing. 

Start Free Trial 

Used primarily by software brands, this CTA is a great way to convert consumers who want to make a purchase but aren’t 100% sure about it. Linking the CTA to the free-trial plan can help such customers know that there is an option to try it out before purchasing making sure they don’t just because they are unsure. 

Add to Cart 

A more subtle alternative to ‘Buy Now’ for eCommerce businesses, this call to action gives the potential buyers a feel of ‘shopping’. As they keep adding things to their virtual carts, the chances of purchases become higher.  

3 Tips to craft the perfect CTA

Clear and concise 

Usually, there is minimal space available for a call to action. So, it is important to remember that while crafting a CTA, every word counts. So, make sure the copy you create is concise. Take a straightforward approach and be clear about what you want your customer to do since beating around the bush with fancy words will only confuse your customers more and more. 

Make it pretty 

Not just a good copy but the call to action should be visually appealing. So, ensure that your CTA button looks enticing enough for potential customers to be intrigued by it. This will eventually lead them to click on the CTA and let it direct them to the next level of their purchase journey. 

Use the right words 

Since every word is important in your call to action, use the most relevant words you can. Don’t go for too fancy words. Keep it simple. Use the verbs that create a feeling of urgency and curiosity, or invoke some kind of emotion. 

Create urgency and FOMO
Don’t just ask your audience to take an action. Make sure to make it sound urgent. You can even combine the fear of missing out with the urgency of your CTA to craft the perfect CTA. For example, combing ‘Limited stocks available’ with ‘Buy now’ makes your audience feel that the product is essential to have and they might not get it. The buy now at the end of it can give them a push to make the purchase.

Give them a logical path

Map out a path that your sales cycle moves on. Craft appropriate CTAs for your customers based on what stage of the cycle they are on. For example, promoting a full year of subscription to a website visitor doesn’t make sense. However, giving them a CTA to ‘Know more’ can be the most effective way to take them forward in their journey since they are curious about the product and service.

A call to action is a great way to wrap up your ad content. Just like a cherry on top of a grand ice cream sundae, CTAs make your ads more desirable to your potential customers. Sometimes, even after being convinced about making a purchase, the potential needs an extra little push towards their decision. CTAs function as the push which eventually leads to an actual purchase! 

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