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Festival of Moonlights 

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This year, we would have loved to wish you and your families a Very Happy Diwali. A Diwali that is full of the brightest lights and the most meaningful times. But sincere apologies because we aren’t celebrating the festival of lights this year; for you have forced us to celebrate the Festival of Moonlights.

“Why would I care that they are humans? I’m paying them to work. That’s their job, right? They’re struggling with keeping their work life & mental health in balance? Well, who cares as long as I get the Diwali brand video?”

Creative folk walk in daily, in sickness, during natural calamities, and even during the most joyous times of the year so your brand doesn’t fall behind. We put our heart and soul into keeping YOUR brand alive and thriving. But what do we get in return? Unrealistic deadlines, deteriorating mental and physical health, and pennies as fees! Why? Because you want the best for your brand and don’t value the very people who spend themselves for you.

“It’s finally Diwali, I’ll get to take the trip to the Bahamas that I was looking forward to. My brand? Well, the agency will take care of it. They don’t get or need holidays. They should be grateful that they get to work their skills for a big brand like mine!  They certainly love it. Don’t they?”

What do you do when your child is sick? You take them to the doctor and put all your might into making them feel better. Do you try to negotiate with the doctor? No. Why? Because the doctor has a set of skills you barely know about and they will keep your child safe and healthy. If your brand is like your own child, then we are the doctors that keep it healthy and kicking. Why would you bargain for the health of your child?

“Oh God, Moonlighting is so unethical! This creative industry is suffering due to moonlighting! Everyone is working 2 jobs. It affects the quality of the work produced for my brand. I’m surely paying them just enough, Utna kafi hona chahiye! How selfish & greedy has the world become?”

You negotiate like we are the vegetable vendor that comes to your high-end society and then even sit on your comfy couches and pass comments on an industry plagued by moonlighting, BECAUSE OF YOU!

Oh sorry, we forgot. Only the fit and Gods are meant to survive. The clients are our Gods and it is important to keep them happy. We misinterpreted ourselves as humans but obviously, we’re just mere piles of work and skills. We forgot we have families, loved ones, or friends that wait for us at events and get-togethers only to get a text “Sorry, can’t make it, I’m still at the office, working on an urgent client deliverable.”

If your brand could speak, it would love us more than you love it. True love is unconditional which is exactly why we persevere despite everything that’s thrown at us. Why? Because we love what we do and wish to continue doing that without wearing ourselves out. But, if you don’t understand where you’re wrong, soon the world would be colored black and white. Because all of us would be busy surviving and celebrating the Festival of Moonlights.

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