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The Influence of A.I.

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How has A.I. changed the overall marketing landscape? Or How will AI impact the marketing landscape?

Let’s just put it out there! There’s absolutely no doubt that AIs are powerful entities that can accomplish unfathomable results in a fraction of the time. They can literally do what humans cannot. But ask yourself one question. Can AIs literally do what we humans do? Well, no.

What they achieve is extensive and well-researched, owing to the massive data bank that they hold. But understanding emotions and human behavior and personalizing the data for a specific purpose is something they may never possibly achieve.

AIs cannot replace humans yet, but that doesn’t mean that AIs will not listen to humans (for now). The knowledge of an all-powerful AI in the hands of all-creative individuals is a force that can take the world by storm.

Humans are a fascinating breed. While we love machines, we’re still influenced by the human emotional element to make our decisions. AIs are tools that will cut down the tedious work that most creative individuals do, clearing up space in their unique minds for them to explore more of their potential.

So, will AIs impact the marketing landscape? Well, they already have.

Will AIs replace the qualities that are considered human? Not that we’re aware of, but we should be optimistic as the odds are on our side for now! Will AIs harm creative individuals in the field of Marketing? If used correctly, AIs have the potential to deliver unscalable results to innovative individuals and amplify their skill’s worth.

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