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Digital Marketing vs Performance Marketing – What’s Better?

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Does the idea that a single click on somebody else’s device can mean progress for your organization baffle you? 

This is the idea that marketing and targeting online for your organization revolves around. It sounds too simplistic for a complex and constantly evolving world. But it’s actually not that simple, because your strategy revolves around first, getting that click from your target audience as well as ensuring that the click is repeated, on a global level. A business as a global persona can only succeed with a well-rounded marketing strategy that is well-suited to account for the entirety of its target audience. At this point, we have all heard about concepts like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, and the likes. The Bottom line understands why it’s difficult to understand and keep track of your business’ performance on numerous online platforms, all the while, keeping up with the continuous changes in the algorithms and trends of each platform. 

So is hiring a digital marketing agency the answer? 

A traditional digital marketing agency will do everything for your organization – from SEO to creatives – they will provide you with every single service that you think your brand needs. Here, the agency complies with the client’s strategy and simply provides the pieces of the puzzle instead of concentrating on the bigger picture.

Everything sounds great, doesn’t it? IT DOES NOT

Ever heard the phrase “Too many cooks spoil the broth?” The simple truth is that you don’t just need services (let alone every service out there), you need the expertise of an agency that can keep up with the constantly evolving nature of the marketing industry. Here is a concept that will change your marketing game: a performance marketing model meets the demand of organizations by putting the emphasis on the one thing that actually matters to organizations – RESULTS. A performance marketing agency is a data-driven approach and is executed experimentally- to put it simply, it will account for every factor that leads to those clicks. 

They participate in building up as well as growing your brand all while ensuring that you only subscribe for services that actually help in elevating your organization. An agency built on this model will solely focus on the performance of everything that goes up in your brand’s name. How do they do that, you ask? Instead of giving you a long list of services, they will focus on delivering quantifiable and qualitative results that can be verified through numbers like conversion rates, footfalls, number of sales, etc. Moreover, they will perform A//B testing on the services they provide to ensure optimum results. This is because the performance marketing model is heavily interconnected with growth marketing. 


Wrong, again! 

A performance marketing agency understands that investing in digital marketing, a world that is fairly new and yet has changed so much since being introduced, can feel like a liability. These agencies share the risk of the investment you bear when you choose them. This means that they allow you to pay per performance rather than per the services they provide. 

Should every organization go with a performance marketing agency? No. 

The agency depends completely on your marketing direction and goals. Digital marketing agencies won’t accommodate your long-term visions but instead, concentrate on individual services.  For an organization with grounded principles about the way things work, a digital marketing agency fits in perfectly. The goals are straightforward enough for the tactical team to step in and get it done with. For an organization with a more collaborative approach, a performance marketing agency is the best way forward. Why? Because all their attention and expertise is in bringing together business goals and investments. In performance marketing, it is all about sustainability and scalability. 

Ultimately, what kind of agency you choose depends on what your needs are but the Performance Marketing model was designed keeping in mind the continuously transforming landscape of marketing. 

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