“How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?”

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Now, wouldn’t you click on an email with that subject line?
In our last blog, we explored why email marketing is one of the most lucrative marketing channels and a brand that has truly understood that is Airbnb.

A brand that encourages people to live in strangers’ homes, despite what our parents advised us, needs one thing to succeed- trust. And Airbnb has successfully gained that through personalized and detailed communication with its customers. 

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How? It went global by going local. 

“We make use of data in every email that we send… With email in general you always have to walk that line about what data would be beneficial to use and what comes along as too “big brother” 
( George DiGuido, Head of Email Marketing, Airbnb)

Airbnb has access to a user’s search history, wish lists, and previous trips that it uses to personalize suggestions and appeal to people’s travel preferences. They also use data from wishlists in campaigns that have other purposes like a newsletter or a specific community communication. In other words, it is modified according to your behavior on their site. But more importantly, these emails never feel that aggressively sales-y. It comes off more as Airbnb is trying to help you out and ensure you have a great trip.


Their emails also have bold micro CTAs (call-to-action), direct language that highlights the purpose behind the email clearly to ensure conversions. With every trip, Airbnb makes sure you don’t forget that they are your travel partners. 

Have a look at these creative triggered emails by Airbnb:

Although it wasn’t always rosy in the kingdom of Airbnb’ corporate lords. They have made mistakes and (fortunately) learnt from them. Read about one such email campaign that backfired here.  

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