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Have you, as a brand, been tagged by your consumers where your product is in use? Or have you run a contest/giveaway where you have asked people to share your products on their accounts? 

Image: Posts from Coca-Cola’s UGC-centric campaign, ‘Share a Coke’.

Congrats, you already have used one of the most reliable ways of marketing- User Generated Content. 

Image: Hiro found his personalized Coke can and participated in ‘Share A Coke’.

In today’s world, everyone loves to share the products they use or the clothes they wear because every brand has a social value attached to it. Now, what are you more likely going to be attracted to? An ad that randomly pops up in your feed with unrealistic photographs or seeing someone you trust recommend or use a product? 

User-generated content (UGC) is original, brand-specific content created by customers and published on social media or other channels. UGC comes in many forms, including images, videos, reviews, a testimonial, and even a podcast.

Why does it work? 

  • It is cost-effective 
  • It increases your brand awareness
  • Establishes your authenticity 
  • Creates a community 
  • Gains people’s trust
  • Makes it feel like their personal brand

So how can you encourage your customers to share your brand?

  1. Choose social networks most impactful for your campaign/brand
  2. Set specific user-generated content goals
  3. Tell your audience exactly what content you want from them
  4. Minimize user journey/tasks
  5. Collaborate and focus on community
  6. Run Contest/Quizzes on Social Media
  7. Offer Rewards

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