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Ice-breaking Tips For The Introvert Networkers!

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Meeting new people, chitchatting, and networking, sounds fun, right? 

Not exactly when you are an introvert. But sadly, that doesn’t mean you can avoid networking. 

To have a successful professional life, networking is unavoidable. Enthusiastic networking can give you insights and information about different areas and even find you potential employers. Building a public network in networking events can bring you many opportunities. 

So, what about the people who suck at making a connection with strangers? The inexperienced ones or the super-introverted population? The anxious ones that they start jumbling up their words? 

If you identify with any of the above, if you have a glaring fear of being judged in a room full of people, or if you don’t know how to approach people in a networking event, we have some life-saving tips for you!

The refreshment table is where all the action is! 

First things first, if you don’t know where to go, go to the refreshment table! 

You might find people discussing serious things in networking events, but at the refreshment table, things are always a bit more casual. Since people keep coming to the table to enjoy snacks and drinks, meeting new people and starting a candid conversation with them becomes an easy gamble! 

An introduction to the organizers can do wonders!

Guess who knows everyone present at the event? The organizers! The easiest way to make a public connection is to introduce yourself well to the organizers since they can further introduce you to the others. Make sure you get to know them and inquire about the group’s leaders or influencers. This can lead to them referring and introducing you to new people on the spot. 

Quality over quantity 

Are you an introvert who gets exhausted after meeting too many new people? Honestly, you don’t have to. Don’t walk around the room awkwardly (or slyly) slinging your business cards. People meet several people regularly but only remember the ones that leave an impression on them. So, make sure to make a mental note of people you want to connect with and focus your energy there since one quality contact is better than ten random people you met in the event. 

Narrowing down your networking list also eliminates some pressure from you and helps you be calmer and more calculated during the conversations! 

Dive into it! 

The sole purpose of networking events is networking itself. So, why should you hold back from something that is the main purpose of your presence at the event? Do not hesitate to join or initiate conversations, introduce yourself, or ask for contacts. Make yourself seen and build connections to truly experience and benefit from networking events! 

“Hey, I know you!” 

See any familiar faces at the event? Go talk to them. 

The simple phrase “Hey, I know you!” can strike up the most impressive conversations. Be it someone you connected with at a different event or on professional social media platforms like LinkedIn or Behance, reintroducing yourself can help them remember you for a long time! 

Networking is easy when you are an extrovert who likes to go out and build a public network. But if you don’t, setting a basic networking strategy can help you big time. Be confident and do not hold the fear of judgment. Be the funny, interesting, intelligent person you are in networking events and shine through, because why not? 

Happy Networking! 

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