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Same Content. Unique Avatars.

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Imagine crafting a precise and perfect piece of content and then using it just once. What a shame! No matter how good the content is, there always comes a time when your audience gets bored and wants fresh content. As the hype fades out, your valuable content will end up as another random piece of data floating across the vast digital abyss that is the internet. 

Mindless use of content exhausts your creativity and doesn’t do justice to the quality of your content. A better way of executing a great content marketing strategy is to promote it enough to reach more people. 

By repurposing your quality content, you transform the same content into a new avatar that expands the likeliness of the audience consuming your content. You can change blogs into posts, emailers into blogs, etc. Repurposing is the smartest way of generating quality content across multiple verticals. All you have to do is visualize it!

So, why repurpose content? 

If you find yourself asking this question, here are 4 solid reasons to do it. 

Better distribution 

Successful content marketing doesn’t mean just creating fresh, high-quality content. It also includes distributing the content on the right channels to reach the right audience. Repurposing helps you change or repurpose your content and position it aptly for diverse media channels. The distribution process becomes smoother, and your impactful content reaches a large audience. 

Increased posting frequency 

As your content starts to impact your audience, it is important to keep them engaged. This means you have to post high-quality content on every channel frequently. Repurposing your content can help you keep up with such demand for content while taking some pressure off you. 

Fulfilling demands 

Even in your targeted audience, individuals might have unique tastes and demands. Not everyone likes reading through a blog. Some might prefer audio-visual content, while others may prefer audiobooks and podcasts. Repurposing your content into different formats can help serve such demands and connect with larger audiences. 

Boosted SEO 

Crafting multiple types of content around one keyword improves SEO. Repurposing your content can help you prepare a range of content in different formats around a specific keyword with minimal effort!

What to repurpose? 

The key to making the most of your content is to know what to repurpose. An ideal repurposing strategy should include both old and new content. While repurposing old content can make it relevant again, new content can be recycled to make it appropriate for different channels. 

Here’s what type of content should be repurposed:

  • Evergreen content that stays relevant forever
  • All long-form content, e.g. blogs, whitepapers, research papers, case studies
  • Content that is excelling (stay updated with your post analytics!) 
  • Content that is crafted around high-search volume keywords 

Some genius ways to repurpose and reuse your content: 

Blog to Microblog 

Despite being very informative and high-quality, you may notice that your blogs aren’t reaching a larger audience. Break the lengthy content down into smaller, bite-sized chunks of information to create microblogs that your audience can skim through and share conveniently. 

Video content to Reels 

Did a full-length interview for your branded podcast or talk show? Repurpose the content into 30 sec Instagram reels and highlight the most hooking moments of the interview.

Webinars to Video tutorials 

A webinar with an expert can be a great learning experience but remembering everything from it is humanly impossible. To utilize the content that webinars can generate, you can record them and repurpose them into video tutorials that can be watched later. 

Visual content for a Pinterest board

If you are creating a lot of aesthetically pleasing content for your social media platforms, why not showcase it? Get on to Pinterest and make a board of your beautiful, artsy visual content. 

High-quality and valuable content is the king of any ideal marketing strategy. Such focus on content has turned the market into a content-hungry giant. To feed this giant, it is important for brands to consistently post great content on every channel possible. 

Repurposing your carefully created, valuable content can help you keep up with the never-ending demands of your audience while helping you reach a wider segment of demographics as well. So, get creative, repurpose your content, and make the most out of it!  

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