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Time to Make Your Brand Speak!

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Isn’t Red Bull just another energy drink on the market? But they soared through the sky by giving wings to others.

In the twenty-first century, your brand is nothing less than an individual entity. It lives and breathes just like Woody in Toy Story. Like Woody’s jealousy and actions were held accountable by the toys, your target audience will automatically look at your brand values to hold you accountable. 

“Consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%”

Imagine an interaction where the other person is talking too much or not saying anything at all. Customers look you up irrespective of whether you put out content for them. Coming across as either Joe Goldberg or Gina Linetti can both be perceived as fake branding. It’s no longer about selling a product- it’s about selling personalized and personified experiences.

Gone are the days when marketing was simply about selling a product.

For example, Red bull sells a thrilling experience in the middle of a mundane day.  We have explored how marketing has evolved in our other blogs. From simply stating different products/services on a piece of parchment to digitally made advertisements in the age of technology, the form of ads has led to a paradigm shift in marketing itself. Imagine seeing an ad for electricity on social media! The digital era brought in endless possibilities that ensured that the competition grew on a global level.

In the ad-blocker age, one of the potential ways for marketing to succeed is by introducing campaigns that are interactive. Lifestyle marketing is, as the name suggests, selling a lifestyle. Instead of selling a product, it sells a certain kind of feeling – a life that can be achieved conveniently with the help of the product.

One of the best examples of lifestyle marketing is Nike. 

“Nike helps make the average person feel more like an elite athlete simply by supporting them.”


Nike doesn’t focus on advertising individual products- it sells motivation and determination. Their campaigns are buyer-centric. It speaks to its own target audience instead of just promoting itself! Lifestyle marketing assists you in building a network of customers by making them realise that they need you just as much as you need them. 

Similarly, owning an Apple product equates to living on the edge of technology. It sells the experience of the modern world in its most upgraded form. This is also why it is often associated with premium quality of life. 

It has created a community so strong that its customers themselves become the endorsers of Apple. 

Creating a brand on this model is not an easy task. Building a community that believes in the way of your life requires a profound understanding of the market, your target audience and your own flaws. 

But harnessing a dream lifestyle is one of the most effective strategies to ensure that your brand is in for the long run. 

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